SWEAP: monitor third party devices in WNMS

SWEAP stands for SNMP to WNMS External Agent/Proxy and is a software application that runs independently of WNMS and is able to turn any SNMP-enabled network device into a WNMS-friendly piece of equipment.

SWEAP runs on Microsoft Windows or Linux and can be configured using WNMS server's user interface.

Click here to download SWEAP for Windows

SWEAP is available for Linux operating system, Ubuntu or Debian. Installation packages (.deb) can be downloaded from the LigoWave software repository. Append APT source list with a following line:

  • Old Ubuntu or Debian release: "deb http://wnms.ligowave.com/ stable main"
  • For recent Ubuntu or Debian release please use a repository according to your system codename:
    • "deb http://wnms.ligowave.com/ wheezy main"
    • "deb http://wnms.ligowave.com/ precise main"
    • "deb http://wnms.ligowave.com/ raring main"

NOTE: How to install SWEAP for Linux system please look at the Quick start guide.

Below you can see a video of how quick and easy SWEAP setup is (Windows version).

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