WNMS is a FREE enterprise grade Wireless Network Management System. Single software solution simplifies a large number of management and monitoring tasks for network administrator. Comprehensive network management system supports up to several thousand of nodes. Multiple networks may be maintained and monitored using one server. Rich feature set helps to diagnose network problems effectively, visualize network on map, perform automatically scheduled firmware upgrades, track states of devices, get alerts about failures, collect statistics and many other things. Web-based system environment supports multi-user accounts. Several administrators may manage different networks on the same server, without having access to each other's equipment.

The Wireless Network Management System's architecture allows configuring or performing firmware upgrades on any network infrastructure. Monitored devices can be on LAN behind a NAT or on WAN. Scalable software design is perfectly suited for small and large networks. Rapidly growing networks may be split it into smaller logical groups (smaller networks) and assigned to different administrators. All information about the devices that are monitored (name, MAC, serial number, IP, firmware version) is stored in Wireless Network Management System server. Information storage in one place, quick search capabilities, data export options simplify the inventory management. Each network device can be monitored individually with defined tracking parameters (standard and custom based on SNMP value). Reported alerts are shown on Wireless Network Management System dashboard in a real time. Furthermore, system has the ability to notify contacts (via email) when problems arise and are resolved. Alert history is stored on the server allowing analysis of failures that happened in the past.

WNMS tutorial:

New features in v1.2

This section provides instructions on how to install and uninstall WNMS on Windows OS (WindowsXP, Windows Server 2003, Windows VISTA, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7).

In the new version users can find:
  • 3rd party devices support using SWEAP functionality
  • WNMS Mobile support

Windows version

This section provides instructions on how to install and uninstall WNMS on Windows OS (WindowsXP, Windows Server 2003, Windows VISTA, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7).

WNMS is now available on Windows OS as well. To see the installation instructions, please read the QIG. Currently it can run on:

  • WindowsXP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows VISTA
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
Click here to download the Windows version of WNMS

Linux version

WNMS is available for Linux operating system, Ubuntu or Debian. Installation packages (.deb) can be downloaded from the LigoWave software repository.

Append APT source list with a following line:

  • Old Ubuntu or Debian release: "deb http://wnms.ligowave.com/ stable main"
  • For recent Ubuntu or Debian release please use a repository according to your system codename:
    • "deb http://wnms.ligowave.com/ wheezy main"
    • "deb http://wnms.ligowave.com/ precise main"
    • "deb http://wnms.ligowave.com/ raring main"
For more detailed instruction look at Quick Install Guide.

NOTE: How to install the WNMS for Linux system please look at the Quick Install Guide.

Virtual machine version

The virtual image option is not only a simple and quick way to start WNMS on most of the operating systems, but also makes it easier to familiarize with WNMS features, test its functionality and even use it for normal network operation. The WNMS virtual image works seamlessly with VMware and VirtualBox.

To learn how to install WNMS using VMWARE or VirtualBox software, please read the Quick installation guide.

There are two different download mirrors for your convenience (see below).


Why Deliberant?

With WNMS you can:
  • Collect information about your network devices (name, MAC, serial number, IP, firmware) in one place, have a quick search and data export possibilities.
  • Monitor your network and device actual status, define monitoring profiles for desirable tracking parameters (standard and custom based on SNMP value), get alerts on WNMS dashboard and via e-mail, analyze alarms history.

  • Execute the following tasks for your device or group of devices: set configuration file on device, get configuration file from device, upgrade a firmware, get a troubleshoot file, reboot. You can run tasks immediately or schedule them according to your needs.

  • Define profiles for collection of SNMP based statistical data from devices and create graphic reports.

  • See your network and devices on Google map including availability status.

  • See your devices on topology map and create interconnections between devices according to your network structure.
  • Have a big network and want to split it into smaller logical groups (smaller networks) and want to monitor, configure each part individually.

You get other advantages if you use the WNMS:
  • WNMS work on any network infrastructure. Devices can be connected through wired or wireless; can be on LAN behind a NAT or on WAN.
  • WNMS supports device provisioning. During the device registration to the system process WNMS can identify/filter an equipment by defined rule (by MAC, IP, serial number) and assign automatically profiles for monitoring and statistics collection, also can set configuration file on the device.
  • WNMS has presentable and user-friendly Adobe Flex GUI.
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