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Point to multi point

2.4/5 GHz iPoll point to multi point

Proprietary iPoll protocol is the best option to build PTMP networks. The protocol performs smart station polling and eliminates “hidden node” problem. It works well in noisy environment because it does not allocate time for listening the air and uses efficient data rate control mechanism. Besides that, iPoll supports QoS, which ensures necessary reliability for each type of media: voice, video and data. Customers can choose between several different CPEs for typical distances up to 15 km. This type of PTMP network provides around 160Mbps of real throughput and 50k packet per second value for up to 30 client devices (recommended).

2.4/5 GHz 802.11N point to multi point

This is the standard IEEE 802.11n wireless point to multipoint recommended for mixed environments, where the equipment is deployed from different vendors. Deliberant AP/CPE support 2x2 (2 transmit and 2 receive) MIMO technology. Such devices are equipped with dual polarized antennas, which increase reliability. Deliberant 802.11N base stations provide up to 150 Mbps of real data throughput for 20 client devices (recommended).  Such scenario’s primary target is data transmission but other types of data (e.g. VoIP) can be relayed too. Typical coverage (depending on antennas) can be up to 10 km. 

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