Phone numbers:

Sales enquiries
EMEA office
tel. +370 37 759037
fax. +370 37 759006
USA office
ttel. +1 800 742 9865
or +1 404 478 2727

Main headquarters:

Sauletekio al. 15, 610,
LT-10244, Vilnius Lithuania

Veiveriu 150, IIIa.,
LT-46931, Kaunas, Lithuania
138 Mountain Brook Dr.
Canton, GA 30115,
United States of America

New marged brand LigoWave

Deliberant and LigoWave Merge!

LigoWave is excited to announce that Deliberant and LigoWave are merging. Great on their own, even better together. One website combining the PTP & PTMP products, LinkCalc, software tools, and renowned support to make your job easier. The former Deliberant APC product line will be the “APC series” under LigoWave. Take a look and give us your feedback!

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