The AP Solo product delivers superior access point performance by combining carrier-grade hardware components with a robust and stable Linux-based software platform. This powerful core OS driving the AP Solo provides an increased amount of flexibility, stability, features, and management functions that are not present in other WISP products on the market today. The AP Solo is field proven and its flexible design serves the needs of WISPs both large and small. The AP Solo is also compatible with WNMS, a centralized configuration, firmware, and statistics server for carrier class management.

The hardware features of the AP Solo include a powerful 24dBm RF engine that is selectable between the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Coupled with the added benefit of an external N-connector for custom antenna application, this product is one of the most flexible on the market today. The AP Solo is also housed in a rugged, cast aluminum enclosure built to withstand even the harshest environments.

Why Deliberant?

External LED's on AP Solo, Duo and Quad models show:

  • If the unit is powered on;
  • LAN activity;
  • Average RSSI of all clients connected to a specified radio. There is also an option to specify the treshold of RSSI for each LED.

  • Tested under extremely harsh weather environments and IP-67 protection rating compliant;
  • Integrated ESD surge protector available.

With WNMS you can:
  • Collect information about your network devices (name, MAC, serial number, IP, firmware) in one place, have a quick search and data export possibilities.
  • Monitor your network and device actual status, define monitoring profiles for desirable tracking parameters (standard and custom based on SNMP value), get alerts on WNMS dashboard and via e-mail, analyze alarms history.

  • Execute the following tasks for your device or group of devices: set configuration file on device, get configuration file from device, upgrade a firmware, get a troubleshoot file, reboot. You can run tasks immediately or schedule them according to your needs. 

  • Define profiles for collection of SNMP based statistical data from devices and create graphic reports.


  • See your network and devices on Google map including availability status.

  • See your devices on topology map and create interconnections between devices according to your network structure.
  • Have a big network and want to split it into smaller logical groups (smaller networks) and want to monitor, configure each part individually.

You get other advantages if you use the WNMS:
  • WNMS work on any network infrastructure. Devices can be connected through wired or wireless; can be on LAN behind a NAT or on WAN.
  • WNMS supports device provisioning. During the device registration to the system process WNMS can identify/filter an equipment by defined rule (by MAC, IP, serial number) and assign automatically profiles for monitoring and statistics collection, also can set configuration file on the device.
  • WNMS has presentable and user-friendly Adobe Flex GUI.


New marged brand LigoWave

Deliberant and LigoWave Merge!

LigoWave is excited to announce that Deliberant and LigoWave are merging. Great on their own, even better together. One website combining the PTP & PTMP products, LinkCalc, software tools, and renowned support to make your job easier. The former Deliberant APC product line will be the “APC series” under LigoWave. Take a look and give us your feedback!

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