WNMS 1.2 and WNMS Cloud

WNMS 1.2 and WNMS Cloud


WNMS is a network management system for LigoWave and Deliberant devices. With a launch of v1.2, which is already avaialble for download we are pleased to announce support of 3rd party equipment. Using a dedicated application called SWEAP you can monitor and get alerts about 3rd party devices on your network. 

Click here to read more about the WNMS v1.2.


WNMS Cloud is a new carefree way to manage your LigoWave or Deliberant powered wireless networks – now you can get your own dedicated WNMS server up and running in a matter of minutes! Just click the FREE REGISTRATION cloud icon at the top right corner of this page and enjoy the ride.

You can also use WNMS to monitor devices from third party manufacturers using SWEAP – but you'll need a PC or a special device to run it because SWEAP is not part of WNMS Cloud.

YouTube video channel

In the new LigoWave video channel you will be able to find various introductory and training videos related to LigoWave and Deliberant products. The latest videos include:

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Deliberant and LigoWave Merge!

LigoWave is excited to announce that Deliberant and LigoWave are merging. Great on their own, even better together. One website combining the PTP & PTMP products, LinkCalc, software tools, and renowned support to make your job easier. The former Deliberant APC product line will be the “APC series” under LigoWave. Take a look and give us your feedback!

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