Intelbras launches a complete line of wireless broadband products

Intelbras launches a complete line of wireless broadband products

Equipment that meets the needs of small providers as well as large-scale systems applications

In the first quarter of 2012, 66 million Brazilians connected to the Internet. Of this total, 62.6 million have, at a minimum, at least one computer in their home. According to surveys performed by the Brazilian Institute of Research and Statistics (IBOPE), the primary reason for the increase in the number of people connecting is the popularization of broadband access. Attentive to this growth, Intelbras has invested in a complete portfolio of wireless outdoor devices and has just launched the WISP+ and PRO lines – high-quality and rugged products designed to meet the demands of wireless Internet providers, businesses of all sizes, and government entities that demand integrated solutions for IP telephony and electronic security systems.

These innovative products have been brought to the Brazilian market via our partnership with Deliberant LLC, owner of the LigoWave and Deliberant brands, which have a strong presence in the European and North American markets. “For the past year, we have been working together with Intelbras to identify the needs of the market and to customize our products in order to surpass these demands. We are proud to have an internationally recognized partner such as Intelbras offering our wireless network solutions to the Brazilianmarket,” affirmed Bill Brown, CEO of Deliberant.

Designed for establishing communication links for data, voice and video, bringing connectivity to regions that cable Internet providers do not cover, the WISP+ line has 8 models – four 2.4-GHz frequency models and four 5-GHz models. “This line is characterized by high-performance products and their excellent cost–benefit ratio for WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). This also means a rapid return on investment for providers,” states Amilcar Scheffer, director of Intelbras’ network unit.

Via the PRO line, Intelbras offers two very robust and trustworthy wireless models that operate at frequencies of 4.9–5.8 GHz for meeting the needs of large-scale projects and digital cities. “Both the WISP+ line of products and those of the PRO line are built to perform under severe conditions and adverse weather. They also have throughput and PPS performance far superior to that of the competition,” said Luciano Vilas Boas, engineer andmanager of Intelbras’ wireless outdoor segment. Among the advantages of these two product lines are: ease of installation and management, interface and documentation in Portuguese, technical support available all overBrazil, and factory warranty.

Intelbras products are also differentiated by their free network management software. There are three programs available for the WISP+ and PRO lines. The first is LinkCalc, a tool that is integrated with Google Maps and which allows the simulation of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links, calculating the availability of the link according to region’s rainfall index and the signal coverage radius. The second is the Spectrum Analyzer, which monitors free or noisy channels in real time, seeking the best interference-free performance. And the third is the Wireless Network Management System (WNMS), which monitors the wireless network’s performance providing link status, throughput and other information; installs collector servers; emits equipment problem alerts; compiles and sends system analysis and configuration files; and schedules firmware updates.

The WISP+ line comes with the proprietary iPoll protocol that organizes network traffic, eliminates data collision and optimizes bandwidth. The W-Jet protocol – available only for the PRO line – maximizes throughput, increasing performance, and establishes links over long distances.

WISP+ product line:

2.4-GHz frequency:

APC 2M-14: Wisp Access CPE 2.4GHz 14dBi MiMo 2x2

APC 2M-90: Wisp Access BaseStation 2.4GHz 16dBi MiMo 2x2

APC 2S-14: Wisp Access CPE 2.4GHz 14/10 dBi SiSo

APC 2S-20: Wisp Access CPE 2.4GHz 20 dBi SiSo

5-GHz frequency:

APC 5M: Wisp Access 2N 5GHz MiMo 2x2

APC 5M-18: Wisp Access CPE 5GHz 18dBi MiMo 2x2

APC 5M-90: Wisp Access Base Station 5GHz 18 dBi MiMo 2x2

APC Mach 5: Wisp Backhaul PTP 5GHz 23 dBi MiMo 2x2

PRO product line:

5-GHz frequency:

PTP 5-23 MiMo Pro: Pro Backhaul PTP 5GHz 23 dBi MiMo 2x2

4.9-GHz frequency:

PTP 4-19: Pro Backhaul PTP 4.9GHz 19 dBi SiSo

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About Intelbras: Founded in 1976, Intelbras is 100% domestically owned and operates in three areas: telecommunications, networks and electronic security systems. Currently, Intelbras has more than 1,900 collaborators, 9,000 points of sale, and 6,000 corporate resellers. Intelbras exports to Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Among national awards received in 2011 are its rankings in the Best Companies to Work For of the Great Place to Work Institute and in the Você S/A Guide. Find out more about our company and our virtual store at our website: and follow us on twitter @intelbras.

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