Новости и события

Новости и события

New product announcement2012-08-30

Deliberant announces new, PTP scenario oriented device with a 23 dBi integrated directional antenna; ideal for medium to long range (10-25 km) applications.

WNMS 1.2 and WNMS Cloud2012-08-07

Deliberant is introducing WNMS 1.2 with the support of 3rd party equipment on the management system together with a cloud based version which makes the system setup extremely easy and quick.

Intelbras launches a complete line of wireless broadband products2012-06-17

In the first quarter of 2012, 66 million Brazilians connected to the Internet. Of this total, 62.6 million have, at a minimum, at least one computer in their home. According to surveys performed by the Brazilian Institute of Research and Statistics (IBOPE), the primary reason for the increase in the number of people connecting is the popularization of broadband access.

Social networks2010-10-29

Join the Deliberant user community and stay ahead with the latest info from us.

Updated products2010-10-29

Deliberant is announcing a facelift to the existing 802.11 abg standards based product line. Renewed product like includes high-gain antenna based client devices, very powerful carrier-grade access points and an unbeatable performance indoor solution perfect for a repeater and access point scenario.

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New marged brand LigoWave

Deliberant and LigoWave Merge!

LigoWave is excited to announce that Deliberant and LigoWave are merging. Great on their own, even better together. One website combining the PTP & PTMP products, LinkCalc, software tools, and renowned support to make your job easier. The former Deliberant APC product line will be the “APC series” under LigoWave. Take a look and give us your feedback!

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